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Flora, the arts and crafts shop and training centre was established in 1989. The centre has several traditional and creative crafts. Flora is run by George Fernandez, recipient of Shankar International Gold Medal in drawing. George has conducted fourteen one-man shows and five workshops in several places in India. He has also written three books on crafts. Fabric becomes a floral symphony in George Fernandez's hands. At Flora flowers of every hue and description greet the visitor arranged with prefect aesthetic taste in cane baskets, ceramic dishes and on driftwood. There are training classes for wide range of arts and crafts. In training classes special attention is given to each student. The class timings is between 10 am and 6 pm. Orders for certain items are also taken. The centre is situated in Oottukuzhy in the heart of the Trivandrum city, Kerala, India.

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