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Allows free online business listing for business owners

Visitors will be able to search for a particular Service / Product

Visitors can be redirected to the business website

Call to action can also be done.


  1. Get elaborate category listing that caters to a wide range of business services provided by different companies
  2. Get detailed business information listing which includes contact details, company logo, service expertise, website link, gallery etc.
  3. Get quicker results with Search option and Favourite category listing displayed on Homepage itself
  4. Explore advanced search options like Category wise searching, Name wise searching, Place wise searching, Product wise searching and more for quicker results

Premium member features

For premium members, some additional features will be provided as packages which will include a customized combination of the features below-

  1. Get your promotional banner displayed randomly in the Homepage itself
  2. Get your promotional banner displayed strategically on your particular business category in category listing
  3. Get listed at the top of the search results when visitors search for a particular service
  4. Get your customers to connect with you through our Book an appointment feature
  5. Grow your business with the help of our Web and Brand identity solutions
  6. Promote your business using our innovative Digital Marketing strategies